Pictures at an Exhibition

Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof

Vernissage der Verkaufsausstellung mit Bildern von Pascale Hauser, Mari McQuitty und Song Yiqing - mit musikalischem Beitrag von Alisa Sieber (Cello) und Dominic Chamot (Piano)

Seit rund fünf Jahren forschen, studieren und malen sie Seite an Seite an der Neukunstschule in Basel bei Julitta Krebs und Zvi Szir.
Pascale Hauser, Mari McQuitty und Song Yiqing bilden eine internatonale (Frankreich/Schweiz, Vereinigtes Königreich und China) Künstlergruppe, die sich intensiv mit Fragen der Malerei und Kunst durch und in der Zeit auseinandersetzt. Dabei entstanden spannende und reife Werke aus drei unterschiedlichen Themenkreisen, welche nun erstmalig der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert werden.

The works of Pascale Hauser start with photographs from projected films, taken from the back of a transparent screen. Nothing is recognisable, no faces or scenes, just a kind of impression, a stop motion, a cinematographic fragment that leaves an effect that is slightly out of focus. It is the first step, something to get the fire of the painting going, an image that inspires a composition that is more interested in the space between things than in the objects. Painting then becomes a process of changing, of developing a palette of broken colours into a new Impression, into a picture that remembers a movie but just in the back of its mind. The images become a mystery, they stop caring about where they came from, and start pointing to something else, to possibilities that are so subtile that we can only describe them as a paradox: “I remember, something is about to happen”. Trying to evoke the space between things, Pascale Hauser stumbles on a time secret: what already  is, the thing, the object, is always on the brink of  dissolving, of making place for what can become.
Industrial or better said, post-industrial, is a state of mind and it is not a place, it is a sensibility. It is where shabbiness and power meet, where they flow together, creating a specific beauty and this is what seduces the photographic eye of Mari McQuitty. Mari looks for a way, for multiple tracks, beyond this optic charm. Where the late modern city starts to dissolve, where we see the structural bones, this is where the brush finds the place between the ribs and into the core. Here Mari's paintings are a kind of reanimation that can transform the ‘fringe look’ of the city into a view that is working its way towards a fuller sense of appreciation. The painting leaves behind the seductive photograph and enters into the sunset of abstraction. In the end It all becomes colour, the city and the bones on which we are carried into the experience.
Starting from an intensive study of Bonnard’s colour-world, Song Yiqing has developed a colour language of her own in which she is weaving events, memories and perceptions into imaginary scenes. Beginning with her sketches, Yiqing embarks on a path of ‘getting close’ to the unremembered colour that is associated with a sensation, a lost memory of the events that may have taken place or not, or at least, not this way. The precise colour has to be there, the one she has forgotten, and the one she is looking to find. Everything in Yiqing’s work is laden with colour and with heavy layers of paint. Nothing arises quickly, the colour has to be found and developed through layers of slow examination. Yiqing is searching for the right colour, the way someone is looking for the right word for a poem or for a lost memory, and this takes time. As part of her process, Yiqing is trialing each remembered colour, testing it, looking to uncover the ‘perfect’ colour through the next layer of colour.

Öffnungszeiten Ausstellung:

21.5.22: 10:00-18:00 Uhr / 18.30 Uhr Abendkonzert von Dominic Chamot (Piano)
22.5.22: 10:00-18:00 Uhr
Eintritt: frei
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