Cees Dekker

What is life? A journey from single molecules to synthetic cells.

What is life, and how does life differ from non-life? With nanotechnology we can study ‘nanobiology’ by zooming in to the fundamental level of even single proteins and DNA molecules. We are even starting to try to create ‘synthetic cells’ – cell-like objects made out of lifeless components.

Prof. Dr. Cees Dekker lectures at the Delft University of Technology and is Director of the Kavli Insitute of Nanoscience Delft/NL.



After the talk, it is time for the SeminBar Lounge and for socialising. Tonight, students of this NCCR present a “Jam-Night” featuring music-students from the Basel Jazz Campus together with our speaker Cees Dekker. His musical passion belongs to bluegrass and he plays the acoustic steel-string guitar, upright contrabass, dobro (a kind of sliding guitar), and soprano sax. With free beer while it lasts, and DJ Morbus Nova. Everyone welcome.