Time. no time

Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof

The piece «Time. no time» by Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela will be performed by the International Monochordist Collective and Almut Kühne

The piece deals with an intense dialogue with time (perception of time, time phenomena such as acceleration/deceleration) and the possibilities of manipulating it in a compositional context. Different variables of time and time jumps (past and future) are connected to each other, reproducing simultaneously and thus resulting in a compositional whole.

The duration of the piece is ca. 45 minutes.

Almut Kühne, solo voice
International Monochordist Collective: Víctor Barceló, Carlota Cáceres, Sabela Castro, Miguel Ángel García, Roberto Maqueda, Dani Munarriz, Nuria Carbo & Miquel Vich, Monochords
Fabrizio di Salvo, sound difussion
Eintritt: CHF 10.- / 5.-
Weitere Informationen: Almut Kühne