Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof

Konzert Duo Signal und Kirill Zvegintsov

With Verwandlung Duo Signal presents a programme where diversity and exploration are the defining concepts. The five featured pieces offer a very rich prisma of sounding possibilities and aesthetic proposals.

Opens the concert a piece for solo soprano saxophone Au fil d'une note, des colliers, composed by Mathieu Corajod (*1989) in 2013. It is an exploratory piece for the composer, focusing on the development of one single saxophone technique throughout the piece.

The next three works were commissioned by Duo Signal, reflecting their commitment to the creation of new repertoire for this instrumentation. They have helped them to shape the essence and artistic personality of the duo: the focus on the exploration of timbre and instrumental techniques. These commissions, despite their different conceptual origins, have in common that explorative approach.

Santiago Díez-Fischer (*1976) takes Fragments, on the Muses by Sappho as the conceptual source of And when you are gone there will be no memory. And when you are gone there will be no memory Of you and no regret. For you do not share The Pierian roses, but unseen in the house of Hades You will stray, breathed out, among the ghostly dead.

In An altar in three frames Jon Yu (*1988) proposes three observations (or “frames”) on the same material. “This reiteration of the content is a kind of search for different points of reference to an object. The frames are constructed showing us different perspectives in an attempt to capture the sculptural image of a space of transformation- an altar”. He moulds sound itself, bringing energy and timbral development to the front of the stage.

Signal, composed by Jaehyuck Choi (*1994), deals with one of the most characteristic feelings of human interactions: love. The longing for it, the refusal of it, the different synergies generated between human beings, sometimes contradictory, sometimes not abiding by our volition; and the music reflects all these intense dynamics through a diverse sonic prism.

To finish the concert, Duo Signal wants to pay homage to the composer Sofia Gubaidulina in her 91th anniversary. For this very special occasion, the duo has invited six guest musicians in order to perform the piece Verwandlung (2004). This is a quite exceptional piece of music, surpassing the boundaries of sound and adding an important theatrical component. The trombonist is the protagonist here, performing movements, sounds and interacting with the audience all of which is precisely notated in the score.


Mathieu Corajod (*1989) - Au fil d’une note, des colliers (2013)

Santiago Díez-Fischer (*1977) - And when you are gone there will be no memory (2022, WP)*

Jon Yu (*1988) - An altar in three frames (2022, WP)*

Jaehyuck Choi (*1994) - Signal (2022, WP)*


Sofia Gubaidulina (*1931) - Verwandlung (2004)

Mit: Alejandro Oliván (Saxophone), Adrián Albaladejo Diaz (Posaune), Luis Homedes (Saxophon), Miguel Fernández (Saxophon), Eguzki Irusta (Saxophon), Katrarina Leskovar (Violoncello), Aleksander Gabryś (Kontrabass), Kirill Zvegintsov - Leitung

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