Vischer Project: Tangible Sound

Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof

Foto: Evy Ottermans

Concert by «Vischer Project» (Goska Isphording - harpsichord & Alicja Pilarczyk - violin) with works by Jenny Hettne, Jakub Krzewiński, Anna Sowa, Sara Nemtsov, and Oscar Bianchi

«Tangible sound» is a musical instrument invented by Japanese designers Tomoko Yonazewa and Kenji Mase. Coming from the concept that neither music nor water can be grasped, as their shape is changing over time, they invented an interface translating the movement of water into music.

This idea has been an incentive to create the program. Music takes different shapes when it flows through unexpected corners of our personalities, is it a reminiscence of a folk lullaby, the thought that an instrument becomes an extension of ones body, or an expression of fear, frustration or maybe only a doubt. This look into a soul with a magnifying glass is a fascinating travel which Vischer Project would like the audience to take together with them.


Jenny Hettne While She Was Dreaming - for violin and tape (2012) 9’

Jakub Krzewiński Incorporate 2 (2019) - for harpsichord and tape 9’

Anna Sowa Minimal Movement (2022) - for violin, harpsichord and tape 15’

Sara Nemtsov Unscheinbare Pforten/Paris (Passage) - for violin, harpsichord and percussion
(2011) 4’
Oscar Bianchi Volatile - for violin and harpsichord 12’


Goska Isphording - harpsichord
Alicja Pilarczyk - violin
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